OSV Institute Applications

Our Sunday Visitor Institute is happy to announce we are again accepting applications! Our mission, as articulated by our founder, Archbishop John F. Noll, over 100 years ago, remains the same -- “To Serve the Church."

We have revised our focus to better reflect the realities of the Church today. Download the Impact Agenda (PDF) for more information.

We will concentrate our grant making in three strategic focus areas:

  • Unaffiliated Millennials

  • Hispanic Experience

  • Parent Initiative.

We will also dedicate each of our three application cycles to one of these initiatives beginning with Unaffiliated Millennials this September, followed by Hispanic Experience in December and Parent Initiative in April 2019. These dedicated cycles will remain the same going forward:

Strategic Focus

Application Deadline

Committee Review

 Unafilliated Millennials

 September 15


 Hispanic Experience

 December 15


 Parent Initiative

 April 15



We understand that the emphasis of your program/project may “overlap” one or more of these initiatives and, if so, invite you to submit your application in the most applicable cycle.

To make the application and reporting process easier and more accommodating, we have “automated” the method. Please click on the "Apply Here" button below and you will be directed to the “Our Sunday Visitor Institute Grantee Portal.” Follow the instructions to “Create an Account,” which will require you to answer five eligibility questions. Once answered and your organization is eligible for grant consideration, you will receive an email and password and you will then will have access to the grant portal. From there, you can apply. Feel free to email Michelle Hogan (mhogan@osv.com) with questions.

Apply here