About the Initiative

Investing in the Church

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 56 million religiously unaffiliated adults—31% of whom even describe themselves as “atheists” or “agnostics.” Born from a culture of instant gratification and resistance to religion, young people are not only moving away from the church, they’re becoming more apathetic to faith at all. But if young people are the future of the Church, how can we continue its mission with fewer and fewer numbers? It’s time to invest in Millennials and call them home to practice, reconnect with Christ, and build a new generation of followers.

Re-Captivating Millennials

Over 80% of Young People Leave the Faith by the Time They Turn 21.

What we are doing

Calling Them Home

Through the OSV Institute grant program, we’re committed to supporting Millennial-focused organizations that:

  • Develop new models of reaching the religiously unaffiliated.
  • Build partnerships to spread national awareness.
  • Prevent more young people from becoming secularized.
  • Help parishes take a missionary approach to welcoming and engaging new people.

According to Pew Research Center, about 25% of U.S. adults say they’re “spiritual,” but not religious. In addition, a growing share of Americans say it’s not necessary to believe in God to be moral.

Getting after the ‘nones’ should be priority number one—find them, bring them back, engage them, answer their questions. We’re losing young people in droves, and we need to get them back.

Get connected.

OSVinspire brings Catholic apostolates, organizations, and individuals together, spurring collaboration and innovation to re-engage millennials in the Catholic Church. Connect with thought leaders who are shaping the way the Church reaches this generation.

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