Posted: 10/25/2018 | Press Releases

Huntington, Ind. (Oct. 24, 2018) — The OSV Institute announces the release of Our Catholic Children: Ministry with Hispanic Youth and Young Adults (Nuestros jóvenes católicos: Pastoral Juvenil Hispanica en los Estados Unidos), edited by Hosffman Ospino, PhD. The book is a groundbreaking collection of essays illuminating the best research and analysis available to date on the most urgent realities that shape the lives of Hispanic Catholic young people.

“This research hits on two of the three major priorities of the OSV Institute: re-captivating millennials and the Hispanic experience,”

said Jason Shanks, President of the Institute.

“Nearly 50% of Catholics ages 14-29 are Hispanic. We as the American Catholic Church are enriched by their presence, their enthusiasm and their cultural experiences.”

Dr. Ospino facilitated conversations with Le Red the Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, South East Pastoral Institute, Instituto Fey Vida and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, to discuss topics ranging from “Immigrant and U.S. Born Experiences” and “Developing Hispanic Catholic Young Leaders”, to “Hispanic Catholic Youth at Risk” plus roles in diocesan and parish life.

Shanks adds:

“Listening to young Hispanic Catholics helps our larger understanding, which in turn will enhance the ministries and services provided by the Church. This is an important voice in the Church, and we are thrilled to make it available for wider consumption. We expect to release more publications from the OSV Institute in the future.”

Dr. Hosffman Ospino is Assistant Professor, Theology and Education and the Director of Graduate Programs in the Hispanic Ministry at Boston College. Dr. Ospino is a national leader working with the U.S. Catholic Church on Hispanic/Latino culture and ministry. Ospino initiated the research for Our Catholic Children through a National Colloquium on Ministry for Catholic Youth at Boston College in August 2016. He is a frequent contributor to the OSV Newsweekly, and is author of a number of publications including Hispanic Ministry in Catholic Parishes: A Summary Report of Findings from the National Study of Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry (OSV 2014) and Hispanic Catholics in Catholic Schools (OSV 2015).

“I see OSV as a partner in the challenges that evangelization brings to us in an increasingly Hispanic Church,”

states Ospino.

“The colloquium helped shape the language and conversations on Catholic Youth ministry, and the book collects those conversations into a resource that captures the voices and experiences of Hispanic young people for today and for the future.”

The book is available in Catholic bookstores near you or from OSV at or by calling 1-800-348-2440.