Since 1993 OSV Institute has given grants totaling $1,020,125. Since it's inception Women’s Care Center has served more than 243,502 women, performed 107,870 ultrasounds and saved 137,778 babies.

A client in the newly opened Women’s Care Center of Baltimore, Maryland, muttered these words as she spoke openly to her counselor. Viewing this conversation from the corner of the room was Jenny Hunsberger, counselor and Vice President of the Women’s Care Center office in South Bend, Indiana.

“Our counselor listened to her client as she said all of these things. She heard her story from beginning to end. Then she asked, ‘How can I help you, and how can I support you in this?” Hunsberger recounted. “At the end of the session, the counselor asked her client if she could do something unique. She didn’t want a follow up. She just wanted to text her. The client agreed. So, the counselor texted her and kept close communication with her. A week later, the client wanted to schedule another appointment. This time, she wanted to bring her boyfriend.”

Hunsberger said the couple came into the office, still anticipating the abortion – that is, until they witnessed a miraculous moment.

“Women’s Care Center performed an ultrasound, and the boyfriend began to weep. He wept when he saw his child on the screen. Now, in 28 weeks, the baby is expected to be born. And that baby will be born because Women’s Care Center was there simply to love her and support her. We get the gift of seeing miracles happen day in and day out, and Our Sunday Visitor is the facilitator of those miracles by helping to fund our efforts,” Hunsberger shared.

With 32 centers in 11 states, Women’s Care Center is undoubtedly on the move. The centers are Catholic-based with Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Ind., on the governing board, and all of their services are in line with Church teaching; however, albeit volunteers and the women they serve may be of any faith.

According to recent organization reports, 92 percent choose life (97 percent in northern Indiana) of those receiving counseling and ultrasounds. A significant reduction in abortion rates has also been a key factor to the center’s expansion: 75 percent reductions in South Bend, IN, 67 percent in Elkhart, IN and 52 percent in Fort Wayne, IN. There has been a decline in abortion in Columbus, OH by 32 percent and Milwaukee, WI by 36 percent.

Hearing of their success rates, several women from Baltimore reached out to Women’s Care Center expressing their concern for the community. In Maryland alone, there are 34,000 abortions each year, the 2nd highest abortion rate.

These unsettling statistics prompted Volunteer President Ann Manion and her team at the South Bend office to begin plans for opening a Baltimore facility which would set just across the street from the city’s largest abortion clinic. With an important expansion process in mind, Women’s Care Center reached out to the Our Sunday Visitor Institute for assistance and help they did.

The OSV Institute has helped the Women’s Care Center with grants totaling $1,020,125 since 1993. Through the help of the OSV Institute, Women’s Care Center has served more than 243,502 women and performed nearly 107,000 ultrasounds. This has led to over 137,000 babies being saved since their inception.

“People were seeking our help in Baltimore, searching for this Catholic-based model of care and loving presence,” Manion said. “Of course, Our Sunday Visitor has been a key part of this because they provided seed money for almost every one of our expansion efforts in the past. You’ve got to train people to counsel, you have to have publications and marketing, tell your story, let people know that you’re there. That’s where Our Sunday Visitor Institute really supported us and helped us with those upfront costs.”

Bobby Williams, the Foundation Director, chimed in about taking the financial leap of faith with the assistance from the OSV Institute.

“We have all these centers, and the challenges are making sure those centers are sustainable and raising those first funds. So, we were very grateful to Our Sunday Visitor because they believed in the model, witnessed the growth, and have truly built a partnership with us. Whenever we have approached them about opportunities to save more lives than we ever have before, OSV has always come through,” Williams said.

In May 2016, the $100,000 the Women’s Care Center received through the OSV Institute enabled them to build the Baltimore facility and cover the startup costs and counselor training. The new center is already flourishing with curious clients and expecting mothers looking for what Williams described as a “Mother Theresa model of care.”

“Mother Theresa loved and served all, and that’s what we’re doing here,” Williams said. “Not every young mother who comes to us is seriously considering an abortion. Sometimes, they just need a little bit of assistance, but regardless of their circumstance, we give them love and they sense it. They feel it.”

One year after the Baltimore facility opened, more than 1,125 babies were saved.

Among the other facilities, the Indianapolis center also funded by the OSV Institute, has surpassed 5,895 babies born or expected to mothers since November 2014. The center now serves the most women of all the Women’s Care Center’s. Opening next month is a clinic located in York, PA also funded by the OSV Institute. Unfortunately, York has become an abortion hub for women from throughout the region and abortions have increased by 24% since 1996.

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