Kayleigh Young grew up in the suburbs of Indianapolis in a small Catholic family. Baptized at birth, Kayleigh went through the formation expected of her throughout childhood and teenage years.

“I checked all the boxes,” she admitted. “Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation.”

Her faith was more of a cultural staple in her life, without it being too personal. She even went to a Catholic college and enjoyed the possibility of attending Mass in her dorm (admittedly, she didn’t even need to change out of her PJ’s).

But when she moved back to Indianapolis after graduation, something was different. She didn’t feel the pressure or expectation to go to Mass anymore. She didn’t have any friends who were living out their faith. So, she — like so many other young Catholics — stopped going to Mass.

Then she saw an Instagram post. It was from a group called IndyCatholic. They were promoting an upcoming ‘Theology on Tap’ featuring a starting player for the Indianapolis Colts, who’d be speaking at the event. An avid Colts fan, Kayleigh decided to call a friend and together they went to the event, hosted at a local bar.

“I was surprised by how many young people were there,” she said. “They were just like me. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did.”

Because of that, Kayleigh found out IndyCatholic hosted small faith groups, which she decided to sign up for that night. During her first discussion with her new women’s group, Kayleigh admitted it was hard for her to attend Mass on Sundays. Several in the group agreed to start attending Mass together each week.

This journey was no accident. This was the design of IndyCatholic from the start.

Matt Faley, Director of IndyCatholic, has built the ministry to reach out to young adults who’ve drifted away from their faith with events like Theology on Tap and bowling leagues. They use these as tools to invite young adults into more spiritual formation like Bible studies, retreats, and Adoration events.

“Young adults are looking for connection,” he said. “They have grown up in a world of technology that has attempted to give them connection, but it’s not satisfying.”

That’s the key to IndyCatholic’s success. Their most recent Theology on Tap series was moved to a larger venue and even still was at peak capacity and standing room only with hundreds of young adults present. They increased their bowling league to an additional night to accomodate for the hundreds of young adults wanting to participate.

The OSV Institute has supported IndyCatholic for the past two years, providing funds to grow the movement through strategic brand development, website re-design and social media marketing.

Learn more at IndyCatholic.org.

I'm IndyCatholic.

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Posted by IndyCatholic on Thursday, December 20, 2018