How to Apply

  1. Create an account in the OSV Institute grant portal. In order to be considered for funding, the first step is to introduce yourself and tell us about your organization. Once in the portal, create an account by entering the most accurate information possible (profiles may not be edited after submission). After you’ve logged into your account, complete the eligibility quiz, which will will help OSVI determine your candidacy prior to applying. (You will receive a response about your eligibility within two business days.)
  2. Fill out the grant application. Once your organization is deemed eligible, log into your account and complete the application for the OSVI initiative that most closely represents your organization, paying special attention to grant cycle deadlines. If your program falls into multiple initiative categories, please submit your application in the closest upcoming cycle.
  3. Get approved! The committee will review your application within the timelines outlined in the grant cycles below. You will be notified by the committee upon approval.

What We Fund

  • Innovative
  • Growth Focused
  • Nationally scalable
  • Measuring for Impact (outcomes over outputs)
  • Catholic
  • Official Catholic Directory*
  • Intentional in meeting funding criteria
  • Projects that leverage funding
  • Nonprofits
  • NO Events/Conferences *
  • NO Ongoing Staff Salaries *
  • NO Programs and projects for sole benefit of the applicant
  • NO Ordinary operating expenses
  • NO Capital Campaigns
  • NO Funds to send participants to a conference
  • NO Funds for organization to be a “sponsor” at an event

*Check FAQ for more information

Application Timelines

Re-Captivating Millennials
Due September 15th.
Committee reviews applications in November.
Hispanic Experience
Due December 15th.
Committee reviews applications in March.
Supporting Parents
Due April 15th.
Committee reviews applications in July/August.

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