Frequently Asked Questions

We must have a letter from your bishop specifically endorsing and supporting the particular project for which you’re applying for funding. It must be addressed to Our Sunday Visitor – not “To Whom it May Concern”

Each diocese has different requirements. Contact the Chancellor of your diocese for specific instructions.

It’s a requirement of Our Sunday Visitor Institute that all applicants be listed. If not listed, we will accept proof of application for listing from your diocese.

Only if a current (within one year) financial statement (balance sheet and profit & loss statement) is not available.

Not at this time.

September 15 deadline – November

December 15 deadline – March

April 15 deadline – July or August

Not typically. Our normal policy is that we do not fund events/conference because it is so hard to measure impact. We have made exceptions for national events or for events/conferences that use technology to measure learning. Too often people give an output measurement when doing an event by which they report the number in attendance. We believe that an event should and could still measure impact by doing pre, during, and post evaluations.

As a typical rule we shy away from funding capacity building grants if it is staff salaries. Exceptions have been made for strong sustainable plans.

Application Timelines

Re-Captivating Millennials
Due September 15th.
Committee reviews applications in November.
Hispanic Experience
Due December 15th.
Committee reviews applications in March.
Supporting Parents
Due April 15th.
Committee reviews applications in July/August.

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