During the COVID-19 Crisis, Many OSV Institute Partners are Stepping Up to Serve the Church

Sherwood Fellows - Let There Be Light

Sherwood Fellows has been hard at work creating a commercial grade email & social campaign that any parish can use for free. They have partnered with Flocknote to include this content in their platform. This includes 4 weeks of a highly refined email strategy that can be customized to fit parish needs, written in such a way that parishes can use it any time during this lenten / easter season. It comes with top notch design and a free social media editorial calendar with pre written posts and pre designed images. Learn More

Pastoral Parish

Identifying those in immediate need of the sacraments and additional care in an organized manner is extremely important to prevent people from falling through the cracks. New parish-based software, Pastoral Parish is providing a vital and revolutionary tool allowing parishes to track, engage with, and better serve the most vulnerable during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Learn More

GIVEN Institute

The GIVEN Institute is leading community prayer and mini-interviews on Instagram live to support our network during the current pandemic. Each night through the end of March, our Executive Director Rachel Harkins Ullmann is talking with a different Catholic female leader. They have a short interview and then pray the Litany of Trust and a novena prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe together. It's a great way to end Women's History Month with Catholic female leaders and the greatest female leader of all, our Mother Mary! Learn More

Evango - Mission 7

Mission 7 is a set of 3 audio talks recorded live to help parishes provide a Lenten Mission to their parishioners stuck at home. Once participants complete Mission 7 (that is, receive all three talks over the course of 3 days) they are invited to participate in the ENOUGH program, a free 5 Week Challenge to strengthen their spiritual lives in the three pillars of spiritual growth. Learn More


As a tech ministry for the Church, Catholify's response to social distancing is social prayer. We have built a worldwide map of prayer intentions and live events that anyone can contribute to and embed on their website through a new collaborative initiative called keepwatchandpray.com. Additionally, we have created a global Coronavirus prayer group in our free messenger app (Catholify), built a realtime 1M Rosaries campaign, and are adding new app functionality to allow parishes and dioceses to stream and notify their parishioners when they go-live for Mass. Learn More

V Encuentro

V Encuentro has launched a Resource Page for COVID-19 Resources on their website. They are continuously adding content as it is received. Learn More

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute has created a resource page on their website focused on helping parents continue conversations about the faith. Learn More

Catholic Late Night

During this challenging time in our world, we’ve ramped up Catholic Late Night, a Catholic Youtube show, in order to provide uplifting and actionable content for younger audiences who now have an excess of free time on their hands. Catholic Late Night provides weekly guidance and entertainment focused on helping young men and women understand their identity and the purpose of their life. Learn More

Grotto Network - University of Notre Dame

In light of the Coronavirus crisis, Grotto Network created and curated content resources for parishes and ministry groups. These two web pages are filled with links to support ministry groups in their digital outreach to young people at this time: Sharing Pandemic Content & Sharing Stories for Tough Times

Grotto also released the following article from a licensed therapist that guides readers through ways to handle the anxiety and uncertainty caused by this disruption: How to Handle the Coronavirus Disruption

Modern Catholic Pilgrimage

Modern Catholic Pilgrim, is hosting a virtual pilgrimage to honor Our Lady of Sorrows on Friday, April 3rd. Small teams of MCP volunteers will livestream their pilgrimages to various holy sites associated with Our Lady that afternoon. Any and all are welcome to join as virtual pilgrims, offering their prayers and intentions to Our Lady of Sorrows in this difficult time. Learn More

Finding Calcutta

Thousands of elderly and sick people are dying. This is a very sad time for many people across the world. There is so much that we all can do to help save lives. Some of our intentional acts can protect the most vulnerable while the others can support those who are fighting this battle in the front lines.

At the same time there are so many homeless on the streets and in the shelters with limited resources, isolated elderly in the nursing homes without visitors, scared felons in the prisons with severe anxiety, sick and dying with no family to be able to visit due to the travel restrictions. Learn More

Catechetical Institute, Franciscan University of Steubenville

Since it’s hard or impossible for dioceses to provide the usual support and formation that training/formation events and gatherings make possible, in addition to the specialized ministry sets of formation workshops, we now also provide a set of formation workshops directly covering the four pillars of the Catechism, in a systematic and thorough manner. Learn More


Catholic schools and parishes across the country are working with their dioceses and local health department to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect students and staff. As a result many have made the decision to move to e-learning for most or all of the remaining school year. While many schools and parishes are prepared for this shift, some are still in need of online resources for religious education. CatholicBrain is a leader in online curriculum for grades Pre-K through 8th grades, and is offering free help for schools and parishes during this difficult time. Learn More

Practical Peace: 30 Days to Calm

In this 30 day workshop, Julia Hogan, a licensed psychotherapist, shares practical ways to actively live out peace in times of great uncertainty. Each day, you’ll receive an email filled with practical suggestions, inspirational resources, and an action item. Topics covered include: coping with social isolation, dealing with uncertainty, setting and navigating a new routine, maintaining a positive and realistic mindset, finding the potential in each day. Learn More

The Messy Family Project

This is a time of great stress and strain for parents but also a unique opportunity for them to invest more deeply in their family and faith. The Messy Family Project seeks to encourage, inspire and empower parents to embrace the challenges of this current crisis and renew their commitment to be the spiritual leaders of the home. To assist parents in this role, the Messy Family Project has created a simple guide to leading prayer when families are unable to attend mass. This page is updated weekly with the readings for Sunday and MFP has developed special guides and videos to assist families in celebrating Holy Week and the Triduum. Learn More

Build your faith with Messiah

Filmed at nearly 30 locations in the US, Holy Land, and Rome, Messiah’s 8 episodes are an unforgettable journey through salvation history, from the Exodus to the fall of pagan Rome. Select episodes of Messiah are currently available to stream for free, and it will be broadcast globally on multiple television networks this Easter season. For more information, check out Messiah — and Discover the One the Prophets Foretold. Learn More

The Catholic HŌM

The Catholic HŌM—Family Discipleship is a discussion group intended to connect Catholic families with the resources, support and fellowship they need to create dynamic domestic churches. HŌM stands for “Households on Mission.” Join us and discover simple things any family can do to make the faith the source of the warmth of their home. Learn More

Keep the Lord's Day

The public celebration of the Mass may be cancelled but that doesn’t mean that the prayer of the Church must stop. Wherever you are, whoever you are with, you can still unite with Catholics throughout the world, and the angels and saints in heaven, in the one, unceasing liturgical prayer of the Church. Learn More

The Merry Beggers

The Virtual Studio is a virtual co-working space where artists have structured time for focused work. During the COVID-19 pandemic, theater is closed and art projects are being canceled across the United States. The Virtual Studio provides free structured time for artist to work with other artists and make significant progress on their projects. Learn More

Tilma Parish

Tilma is a parish website platform, built to transform the Catholic Church by bringing effective and quality communication to parishioners outside Sunday mass. Beautiful, effective, and easy to manage, Tilma is a tool created specifically to help Parish leaders communicate and engage with their parishioners. Whether you need a simple page for donations or a full Parish site with content and embeddable live streams, Tilma has flexible features and is waiving all fees on Tilma Parish Express Setup from now until at least May 31st. Learn More

Trending with Timmerie

My radio show/podcast Trending with Timmerie has been creating content to help people address the Corona Virus: conflict resolution in close quarters with a MFT, thriving during the quarantine, sanctifying the Lord’s day while not attending Mass, avoiding temptations while home with extra time, etc. A few episodes to listen to are 245, 246, 247, 248, 249. Learn More

Witness to Love

Witness to Love has worked to develop a list of recommendations to assist parish and diocesan leaders in continuing to support, encourage and remain connected to engaged and married couples in our communities during this time of social distancing. Witness to Love is a ministry defined by accompaniment and parish connection. It is important for couples to remain in relationship and communion with the Church and other couples during this time of isolation and not rely solely on online programs, videos or cancelling marriage formation all together. Learn More


The goal of the app is to help users deepen their relationship with God through 5-30 minute, audio-guided contemplative meditations. The situation facing individuals and parishes is heartbreaking, so we've put together a plan to help ensure that social distancing does lead to spiritual distancing, including free content and relevant prayers. Learn More

Exodus 90

For thousands of men, Exodus will forever be associated with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The plagues in the Book of Exodus don’t seem so far off anymore! We launched a webinar series called Living Your Exodus in Pandemic to provide our men with an experience of brotherhood and formation during these challenging times. We will be doing these each week for the next few weeks. Learn More

Healing the Culture

Fr. Robert Spitzer’s respect-life institute, Healing the Culture, has uploaded its digital high school pro-life curriculum for free use online during the Coronavirus crisis. The colorful 3-workbook volume lays a philosophical foundation for objective truth, justice, and pro-life ethics. Learn More

CatholicTV Network

The CatholicTV Network wants to ensure that Catholics throughout the world can easily access the Mass online during this time of crisis. That’s why we launched a new website called WatchtheMass.com where viewers can watch daily and Sunday Masses from the CatholicTV Chapel on demand. We air Masses in English every day of the week and Mass in Spanish every Sunday. All of our celebrants pray for those affected by COVID-19 during the Liturgy. Learn More


SENT, a social venture that fuels Catholic entrepreneurs, has been hosting interactive zoom sessions for Catholic entrepreneurs and mission leaders as a forum for inspiration, community, and sharing key lessons. Sessions have and will include such themes as "Isolation as Spiritual Opportunity: Lessons from the Saints" and "Contemplative Prayer for the Busy (and at home) Entrepreneur". To be updated about future sessions, please email hello@sententrepreneur.org. For more about SENT: Learn More


In response to COVID-19 and the increased need for digital ministry, we’re offering 80% off of our subscriptions at CatholicStock.com with unlimited downloads. It's our hope that this gives ministries, dioceses, and apostolates the tools they need to stay in touch and engage with their audiences during the quarantine, at a price that’s cheaper than any of the standard stock providers. Learn More

Eagle Eye Ministries

In an effort to continue to minister to the faithful in this troubled and uncertain time, we are bringing our ministry to your homes! Eagle Eye Ministries and the Saint John Institute are offering the following podcasts, radio shows, webinars, and live-streams. Learn More

Corazon Puro

Corazon Puro is accompanying young adults in English and Spanish through daily Gospel meditations, sharing practical ways to build better mental health, educating them on public health best practices, and engaging young leaders to spearhead prayer groups, discussions, and peer-to-peer support. Behind these efforts are counselors, public health professionals, faith leaders, and mentors in our network. Learn More

ODB Films

ODB Films wants to provide a ministry service to all of our co-workers in the vineyard! From April 1-May 1, our entire library of webinars will be offered free-of-charge. Send us an email (doug@odbfilms.com). Pick a title. Set-up whatever format you want (Skype, Zoom, Go-To-Meeting). Invite your constituents. We will do the rest. Learn More

Catholic Creatives

Catholic Creatives, The O’Donnell’s House, and Grassfire Festival have teamed up to create #throughfire, a campaign to blackout social media with art during the quarantine. To join in, share what you are creating on any social media using #throughfire and #catholiccreatives. We will be highlighting our favorites, collaborating, and sponsoring contests throughout the quarantine, so you don’t miss out on all the fun! Learn More

Newman Connection

Newman Connection, a national partner dedicated to “Keeping Students Connected to the Catholic Church,” has expanded our mission to connect and encourage students, Campus Ministers and our entire faith community during COVID-19. We invite all to United with us in prayer on a newly created platform, NEWMAN UNITED, and to sign-up to receive daily inspirations, reflections, activities and self-care tips during social distancing and isolation. Learn More

Catholic Revival Ministries

The mission of Catholic Revival Ministries is to train and equip Catholics in the practicals of developing a lifestyle of intimacy & partnership with the Holy Spirit. To better serve the faithful amidst increased hardship & social distancing, we’ve put all our online courses on deep discount, and we’ve modified them so that groups can participate remotely from separate devices and families can participate together as a household. We hope this can bless and support the spiritual health of the faithful during this time. Learn More

Leadership Roundtable

Leadership Roundtable has created a resource center for Catholic leaders with management and leadership resources, pastoral resources, and government resources for faith-based organizations. The resources we offer range from tips for financial and personnel management to customized consulting and coaching for leaders. Learn More

Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix

Our Office of Worship created a "Journey through Holy Week for Families" digital book. This digital resource includes readings, prayers and recommendations for commemorating each day of Holy Week as well as beautiful art, music and activities. It was created as a way to help the faithful draw closer to pray and reflect on the passion, death and resurrection of Christ as they celebrate these sacred days from home. English | Spanish

Desert Bread

Tabernacle Letters is an initiative to give the many who miss attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion, a way to send a concrete act of love to Christ. It is a way to draw near and "stay awake" with Him. Author and Professor of Theology, Annabelle Moseley, offers this initiative spearheaded in her own New York parish, inviting the many who are longing for the Eucharist throughout the nation. She shows how this idea may be initiated in your own parish, or how you are welcomed to send a letter right now to the church where it all began, and where each day, love letters from the faithful are gathered from the mail and placed in baskets before the Tabernacle. Tabernacle Letters is sponsored by Desert Bread, Moseley's blog. As we journey through our desert without receiving Eucharist, let us send our reminders of love to Him. Join us!


Endow is hosting a six-week series on Rosarium Virginis Mariae, St. John Paul II’s teaching on the Holy Rosary, led by our staff and friends to foster the fundamental truth of all human beings, our seeking of community and connection. Interaction on the Rosary Study is continued in a Private Facebook Group where the women can connect to their local communities and peers, learn more about leading their own virtual group with our online resources, as well as continue to support one another through the current crisis in prayer. To continue our friendships after the six-week series on the Rosary, Endow will begin another subscribed eight-week series on Edith Stein: Seeker of Truth with a weekly reflection email sent to the participant’s inbox from our Director of Program Growth, Simone Rizkallah breaking down the Endow Study into pieces to pray with and learn. Learn More

Lumen Christi

For the past 20 years, the Lumen Christi Institute has brought the Catholic intellectual tradition to life for students and faculty at the University of Chicago and across the nation through masterclasses, lectures, summer seminars, and non-credit courses. During a time of social distancing, Lumen Christi continues to bring the Catholic intellectual tradition to the homes of students, faculty and the broader Catholic community. We have made available our archive of videos and podcasts and are also hosting live webinars ranging from topical programming on Christianity and in times of crisis to our webinar lecture series on “Reason and Wisdom in Medieval Christian Thought.” Learn More

Witness to Love – Be Light

Join other Catholic couples from around the world for a FREE virtual date night series! The door for registration opens on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 19th!

The five part series features five couples (who also happen to be family life directors) who will share very real tips for renewing your marriage during this unique time in our lives. Register today and let your marriage BE LIGHT! Learn More