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More than a century ago, Father John Francis Noll, founder of Our Sunday Visitor, set out on a mission: to educate Catholics on the principles of the Faith so they can be a powerful and positive witnesses to the truth.

Father Noll, who later was named archbishop, wrote, “Every Catholic should be an apostle, representing his Church creditably before his neighbors and the people among who he works. If it becomes known that he is earnest, derives great joy from his Faith, and that his ideals are outstandingly higher than those of others, people must be attracted, even insensibly, to the religion that stands for those ideals.”

These powerful words were written about you! Your purchase on OSVCatholicBookstore.com helps you grow in your own faith, and helps fund many Catholic ministries through gifts from the OSV Institute. Together we are sharing the Gospel, and improving the lives of children, teens, families, workers, and many more.

Here are just a few examples of the types of ministries, apostolates, and Catholic organizations that benefit from your purchase.

Organization Description/Project
Camp Wojtyla Outdoor Adventure Program
Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network Level One
Catholics Come Home Eucharist Evangomercials
Charis Ministries Retreat Charis Ministries Retreat Opens Teacher to God's Voice
FOCUS The New Evangelization
Hannah's House "Bridge of Hope"
Heart's Home A home of hospitality
Life Teen "Vocations Start Here"
National Catholic Office for the Deaf A non-profit organization for pastoral workers in Deaf ministry
Outside Da Box Catholic films for teens