Camp Wojtyla

Outdoor Adventure Program

What can mountaineering, rock climbing, white water rafting, fly fishing and teepees teach a young person about their faith? For students at Camp Wojtyla, the possibilities are endless!

Camp WojtylaCamp Wojtyla is an outdoor adventure program located in the beautiful mountains of Colorado which aims to teach young people about their relationship with God, with themselves and with the people around them through the grandeur of God’s creation. They take for their theme verse, John 10:10, in which Jesus tells his disciples that “I came that they might have life, and have it to the full. “Life to the full” is not just something they talk about. Camp Wojtyla strives to teach the Catholic faith through adventures in the wilderness to show young people that a life of faith is not limited to Mass on Sunday, but that it should permeate everything they do—from mountaintop Masses to belaying your teammate climbing 1up a forty foot rock wall—Jesus truly wants us to give him all parts of our life!

For Camp Wojtyla’s founders, Annie and Scott Powell, Camp Wojtyla is unlike any program in the world today. Their college-aged staff members are among the best Catholic leaders in the world today. Of hundreds of applicants, thirty college students and seminarians are chosen for Camp Wojtyla’s Servant Leadership Program—a nine week intensive where participants receive in-depth and orthodox Scriptural and Catechetical formation, along with some of the best adventure education, mountaineering, and small-group facilitation training offered in the outdoor world today. “We seek to offer the most faithful and dynamic Catholic teaching along with cutting edge outdoor and adventure skills”, says Camp Director, Annie Powell.

Camp Wojtyla believes that once they form these college-aged students and teach them to teach the faith in a dynamic way, through adventures in the outdoors, there is no better group of people to facilitate the experience of the hundreds of middle and high school students who come to the program every summer. This mentorship component often inspires campers to continue striving for holiness even into college. In addition, Camp Wojtyla has now partnered with a number of dioceses and orders who send seminarians to the Servant Leadership Program as a formal part of their priestly formation.

Recently, Camp Wojtyla launched its “Rooted” program, which keeps kids connected and tapped into adventure all year long.  Through year-round programming like father-son and mother-daughter fly fishing trips, snow shoeing expeditions, backpacking and ski trips, Camp Wojtyla’s expert-trained full time staff are now able to minister to entire families and other students who might not be able to experience their flagship summer programs.

In addition, Camp Wojtyla Rooted is able to offer on-line connection with former Camp Wojtyla participants wherever they are in the world through their new blogs, devotionals, funny and inspirational videos, and facilitated on-line discussion rooms. This extended outreach to the campers and families has allowed the students to continue the camp experience in their own faith lives and bring that encounter with Christ into their homes. One of the high school campers shared this experience with us after a night of rock climbing: “Rock climbing is like the Christian life; the closer you stay to the wall the easier it is, and the closer you are to Christ the easier the climb of faith.”

The Our Sunday Visitor Institute has been instrumental in helping Camp Wojtyla reach young people around the world and inspire them with the life-long adventure of living the Catholic faith!